EP17: We did wreck a few things

Still anxiously awaiting Season 2, Justin gives an update about the bachelor party (many soda pops).

I give an update about the bachelor party (many soda pops, no one got hurt, everyone came home safe).

Product update
Carl and I received a cease-and-desist email for Productify. We've re-named the product ProductPress.

Future Products
Advice for people building their first product:
  1. Start small, and start now.
  2. Choose an idea that people want: something that will help you make your first dollar on the internet.
  3. Set your own goals: don’t compare yourself to others.
Your first step should be to create a landing page:
  1. Headline: You are this kind of person, with this kind of problem.
  2. Subheadline: This product will solve this problem this way.
  3. Email waiting list sign-up form.
Show notes
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Update from 2021: A lot has happened since I recorded these episodes: I launched a podcast hosting company, Transistor.fm, with my friend Jon Buda! If you want to hear what I'm up to now go to transistor.fm/justin
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