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I'm baaaaaack! Here’s an update.Show notesSign up for my newsletter: the blog: Maybe you shouldn't be a solopreneurLeave a review on iTun...

EP29: To the future

Justin looks forward to 2016, and talks about the future of the Build & Launch podcast.

EP28: Here's me at 3:49am whispering into my iPhone

Justin finally launched a project he's been working on since early 2014. It's something he was embarrassed about: he'd put it on the shelf. But this podcast helped him...

EP27: Looking for that secret sauce

Justin examines how entrepreneurs often try to follow the path of successful people (almost religiously). The hope is that getting the "secret sauce" will help them ac...

EP26: Holy Bananas

Whoa! It's new episode. After finishing Season 2, I missed getting on the mic and sharing my product building adventures. So I'm back with a some ideas I'm working on ...

EP25: The end is nigh

Join Justin for the last episode of Season 2. What did hear learn while launching one product a week for 8 weeks?

EP24: How do we create things people want?

In this episode: three ways to validate your product idea.

EP23: Face your fears

The theme for this episode is "facing your fears."

EP22: Get some guts

Justin is trying to build and launch a product every 7 days.

EP21: Haggard

It's not about you achieving the American Dream. It's about you getting 1% better ever day.

EP20: Life vs Projects

Justin is jet-lagged.

EP19: Eating my own dog food

Justin is on the road!

EP18: Announcing Season 2

Should I or shouldn't I?

EP17: We did wreck a few things

Still anxiously awaiting Season 2, Justin gives an update about the bachelor party (many soda pops).

EP16: How do you launch if you don't have an audience?

While we wait for Season 2 to start, Justin answers listener questions: How do you launch if you don't have an audience? The inside story about Build & Launch pr...

EP15: The only thing that matters is doing the work

Justin responds to listener questions

EP14: I want candy

Best kick in the pants yet!

EP13: The Art of the Hustle

Every 7 days Justin Jackson tries to build and launch a new product.

EP12: You gotta know when to hold ‘em

Join the finale of this week's adventure: was Adam able to launch his course on time?

EP11: I'll be your birth coach

Do you have a bunch of projects that you've started, but not launched?

EP10: Born in the 80's

Two heads are better than one!

EP9: I called my competition

What happens when someone launches the same product as you, at the same time?

EP8: Do you even launch, bro?

Yesterday was supposed to be launch day, did he succeed?

EP7: Observe the tired man in his habitat

It’s the mid-week checkup!

EP6: This is it: first product announcement!

Jarrod Drysdale says "Nobody has the balls to do this." This is the day Justin announces the first product he'll be working on for Build & Launch. The first product is...

EP5: Re-launch my beard (Launch Week)

What happens the day after you launch?

EP4: How do you say Creeper in French? (Launch Week)

Why is Justin standing in a completely dark closet?

EP3: Podcasting gear starter kit (Launch Week)

Want to start your own podcast this year?

EP2: A ton of coffee and feeling good (Launch Week)

Today's episode: how to record your first episode.

EP1: Don't make stuff for hippies (Launch Week)

Today's episode is about choosing a topic.

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