EP21: Haggard

It's not about you achieving the American Dream. It's about you getting 1% better ever day.
It's not about you achieving the American Dream. It's about you getting 1% better ever day.
"Every time you put yourself on the line, you are creating your own luck, and increasing your chances of having some success"
What are you going to do this week to improve your situation?
The only way you get better, is by getting started.
Quote from This American Life, Three Miles
But nothing has happened for her for 10 years. I think it's some special brand of American pathological optimism, that so many of us believe the story of Melanie has to turn out to be happy, and that if it doesn't, something unusual has happened, and not just this is what happens all the time, that the supermarket might be full of Melanies.
Quote from James Altucher on the Tim Ferris podcast:
“I try to get this mindset I want to improve one percent a week. It seems like a small amount but if you do that, it results in enormous improvements over the course of the year."
This week's project: Product People Club

This week's project is an improvement on something I already have. The most successful thing I've ever launched is something called Product People Club: megamaker.co

I want to make it better. This week I'll be calling existing customers, asking them why they signed up, and also figuring out how I can improve it. By the end of the week, I'll re-launch it so new members can sign-up.

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EP21: Haggard
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