EP26: Holy Bananas

Whoa! It's new episode. After finishing Season 2, I missed getting on the mic and sharing my product building adventures. So I'm back with a some ideas I'm working on for my current project.
What is product validation? If you're building a product, you want validation. You want to know your product has value - that you're on the right track. Even deeper, you want to be validated. You want to feel like you're not wasting your time. You want to feel like your work is valuable.
"YC is like the ultimate validation that you're on to something." - Lauren Kay, Dating Ring
If you're building a business, there's only one way to validate that your product idea is good: are people paying money for it?
The only two people who can give you real feedback about your product are people who just purchased it and people who just canceled. - Jason Fried (as told to Dan Shipper)
Also, Jason Cohen says:
First, find ten people who say they’ll buy.
Current project:
I'm working on a book: Marketing for Developers

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Update from 2021: A lot has happened since I recorded these episodes: I launched a podcast hosting company, Transistor.fm, with my friend Jon Buda! If you want to hear what I'm up to now go to transistor.fm/justin

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EP26: Holy Bananas
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