EP28: Here's me at 3:49am whispering into my iPhone

Justin finally launched a project he's been working on since early 2014. It's something he was embarrassed about: he'd put it on the shelf. But this podcast helped him get motivated to finish it. Learn how the launch went, and his initial numbers.
Learn how the Marketing for Developers launch went, and his initial sales numbers. You'll also hear the personal audio journals he recorded during the launch process.

On sharing revenue numbers
On the other hand, sharing numbers can sometimes feel a little… icky. It can feel like you’re shoving your success in other people’s faces.And maybe I need to work on my own insecurities, but I know that no matter how successful I am, all it takes is reading another one of these stupid “How I Made $17,000 in 24 Hours” posts to feel like I’m a miserable failure. After all, I didn’t make $17,000 in the last 24 hours. So I must be doing something very wrong!
From Sacha Greif's Discover Meteor case study.

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Update from 2021: A lot has happened since I recorded these episodes. I'm glad you're listening to them, but if you want to hear what I'm up to now go to transistor.fm/justin

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EP28: Here's me at 3:49am whispering into my iPhone
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